Manufacturers of Analytical Laboratory Instruments

Karl Fischer Titrimeter
Auto Zero Colorimeter
Bio Chemistry Analyzer
Digital Colony Counter
Digital Colorimeter
Digital Conductivity Meter
Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Digital pH Meter
Digital Photo Colorimeter
Digital Potentiometer
Digital Spectrophotometer
Digital TDS Meter
Digital Turbidity Meter
Digital Water & Soil Analysis Kit
Haemoglobin Meter
Microprocessor Flame Photometer
Microprocessor Spectrophotometer
Digital Photo Fluorometer
Digital Nephelometer Meter
Dry Bath Incubator


We are leading manufacturers and importers of a wide range of analytical laboratory equipment. Our product range Single Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometers , Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometers, Digital
ph Meters, Digital Photo Colorimeters, Bio Chemistry Analysers, Digital Conductivity Meters, Digital Spectrophotometer, Digital Viscometers, Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meters, Digital Water & Soil Analysis Kits, Digital Turbidity Meters, Digital Colony Counters, Digital TDS/Salinity Meters, Digital Karl Fischer Titrimeters, Digital Potentiometers, Digital Friability Appratus, Digital Flame Photometers, Digital Melting Point Appratus.

Being a customer oriented organization, our main aim is to satisfy our clients. To meet specific requirement of our clients, we develop our equipment as per their need. Our products are manufactured by taking reference offered by our clients. All of them work together as one team to satisfy the needs of our clients.


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