Manufacturers of Analytical Laboratory Instruments

Karl Fischer Titrimeter
Auto Zero Colorimeter
Bio Chemistry Analyzer
Digital Colony Counter
Digital Colorimeter
Digital Conductivity Meter
Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Digital pH Meter
Digital Photo Colorimeter
Digital Potentiometer
Digital Spectrophotometer
Digital TDS Meter
Digital Turbidity Meter
Digital Water & Soil Analysis Kit
Haemoglobin Meter
Microprocessor Flame Photometer
Microprocessor Spectrophotometer
Digital Photo Fluorometer
Digital Nephelometer Meter
Dry Bath Incubator

Bio Chemistry Analyzer

Methods Absorbency. Mono-Chromatic. Bi-Chromatic. End Point with Standard/Factor. Fixed Time Kinetics. Multipoint Kinetics. Multi Standard up to 8-Standard. Memory Storage Capacity 100 - Tests 8 - Unit Temperature 25C, 30C,37C.

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